Don't be like these people, car shop sober


Buying a car has changed a bunch since we were blessed with the internet.  Before you would drive around on a Sunday checking out cars on the lot and figuring out what you liked. Sunday was the best day as the dealer was closed so you weren't immediately hounded by 6 guys in cheap suits with way too much cologne on.

You did eventually have to go back when you were ready to buy, and that's when the nightmare begins. You start with the salesman, then the finance department, the extended warranty people, finally the pointless add-on people selling you pin stripes, undercoating, seat protection and the best one of all: $90 plastic door protectors.

After pulling your hair out all day, you may drive out in your brand new yellow car. Even if black was what you wanted, the advertised price was only on a single yellow car conveniently left out of the ad in the paper.


Today, this ordeal can be avoided with cars like Tesla that can be bought right off the internet. There is no need to deal with anyone. You pick out every option and eventually go pick it up if they don't deliver it right to your house. Only issue with this is that sometimes cars don't fit your life exactly like you imagine. An actual test drive is always a good idea. An even better idea is bringing with you the important things that you may need in your car everyday. Baby strollers, car seats, suit cases, sporting equipment like gold bags. These are all things that you are best off physically trying out in a new car before you sign that check or better yet before you electronically sign that wire transfer.

This parody video shows you exactly what not to do and uses the Tesla Model X as an example. Very funny video, but check out that $1,742 monthly electrical bill for these make believe Tesla owners. You would need to drive over 40,000 miles in a Model X to rack up a bill like that. Or it could just their mansion sucking down all that juice.

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