dog riding in car

This Dog Cruising Around with the Sunroof Open Is Living Its Best Life

Well, folks, we found it. The happiest dog of all time. A pupper's happiest moments distilled in a 16-second video clip.

Now, as the majority of dog owners can probably attest to, most dogs love car rides, whether they're chilling in the front seat for a short trip to the store or hanging out in the back seat for a longer road trip. Of course, the more windows that are open during the ride, the better. But, this pooch is living the high life unlike any other pooch, with the car's sunroof open and his favorite riding goggles on.

As the pup's owner later reveals to the seriously invested couple documenting the whole thing, the dog's name is Buddy. Fitting name for a pet that seems like just about the best pal of all time. How could you not want to be buddies with Buddy?

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Clearly, Buddy's all about the attention he's getting from the couple driving alongside his owner's ride. But, with the look of an explorer on a serious quest, Buddy's clearly got other things on his mind. Maybe he was looking forward to digging up that bone at the dog park that he buried weeks before. Maybe he was on his way to a hot date. Maybe he was just excited to pee on his favorite fire hydrant later.

Whatever the ultimate destination was, it clearly involved some serious dog business. And even all the viral internet attention wasn't going to make Buddy lose sight on his very important adventure.

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