Here's how you can build your own garage creeper for pennies on the dollar

Part of the beauty of having your own garage is the ability to take on small projects. Now, if you're an auto guy/gal, you've probably gotten pretty uncomfortable on the floor of your garage, trying to squeeze yourself under your car to do some maintenance. This is why no shop is complete without a creeper.

Normally, people just run down to the auto shop, grab a plastic one, and call it a day. But why pay close to $60 for something you can make for half that?

The guys at Might Car Mods have created a step-by-step guide on how to build your own garage creeper for $30. It's a short project that doesn't really require any tools that you shouldn't already have laying around your garage.

By the time they are done, they have blown through their own goal of creating a creeper for just $30, but they did note that if you leave off all of the extras, the basic creeper made from plywood, support beams and four casters still came in at around half the cost of the plastic one.

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