Despite its stupid title, this will be the best car movie of the year

If you can look past the goofy name, this movie looks to be the best car movie in a while. The name "Baby Driver" brings up images of a bad slapstick comedy where an infant fumbles his way into a car and down the highway as a few dimwits give chase à la "Baby's Day Out." But after seeing the trailer, there is no confusing this for a bad family comedy.

Looking to be less outlandish than the Fast and Furious franchise, but much more accessible to non-car people than a documentary like "McLaren," this film looks to be just what car movies should be. It may be just another take on a familiar story, a getaway driver that gets more involved than he'd like, but has enough big names and great driving in the trailer to peak our interest.

Don't get us wrong though, we'll still be first in line for "McLaren."

Realted: The trailer for "McLaren" tells the story of Bruce McLaren