Officer has to break a car window to make a rescue from the heat, and it's really going to cost the owner


Leaving items in a hot car can be very dangerous -- especially when the item is living. And every now and then, someone has to break into a car to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

That's what happened in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, according to this video. The YouTube description says it best:

As an SPCA officer, we responded to a call for a dog in a car. I decided to video an officer break the window to rescue the dog and take it from the hot car. After the camera stopped the dog was taken from the car, taken to a veterinarian, with an elevated temperature. They brought the temperature down and the dog is fine. We charged the owner for failing to provide adequate ventilation (a $250 fine). The day cost him about $700 (fine, our costs, vet costs and window)

$700. That's a lot of money, and hopefully, a big enough incentive not to do this again.