Hysterical NSFW parody video makes fun of Chevy commercial using "real actors"

We've seen it countless times in car commercials. Companies get "real people" to pretend they're interested in buying the car, and they usually offer positive commentary in a way where the audience is supposed to think the cameras aren't there recording.

Chevy's latest ad for the new Equinox uses "real people" instead of actors, and they have valets bring around the new Equinox instead of the person's actual car. It's an ad premise we've seen plenty of times, though few are likely impressed with what the "real people" have to say.


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A new spoof of that commercial answers what "real people" would actually act like if a valet brought around the wrong car and messed with someone (NSFW).

Most people would probably be as irritated as the guy in the parody video rather than willing to get in someone's car.