British man reacts like a boss to being thrown through the air by a runaway bus


Now presenting the most English thing to have ever happened: A man was hit by a bus, afterwards he stoically walked to the nearest pub like the dont-give-a-damn badass that he is.

Local vest wearing man of iron, Simon Smith was casually strolling around Reading, England when he was rammed by a bus and tossed 20 feet down the sidewalk. Now, there are two things the English love most: Walks and pubs. And Simon, like any other self-respecting Queen-fearing man, isn't about to let something as trivial as a bus stand in the way of either of those activities.

Smith later told The Sun that he wasn't headed to the pub for a drink, but instead to find a place to hide out for a bit. You know, like how if you were hit by a bus you'd go to the nearest bar instead of, say, a hospital.


Top marks, Smith. Cheers.

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