Another awful Chevy ad full of Millennials deserves every ounce of shade


The entire Chevrolet marketing team had to be recovering from some massive, collective hangover when they threw a thumbs-up to the guy who word vomited, "I know! let's get some millennial stereotypes together to make fun of millennial stereotypes. It'll be so #meta. They'll love it."

The result is possibly the most painfully awkward commercial crafted since the last painfully awkward Chevy focus group commercial.

Of course Mahk shows up to lampoon the whole ordeal, being such a huge Chevy fan and all.


The video starts with a "diverse" group of hipsters entering an ad executive's lair. The executive, a quiet-voiced, mousy type, starts muttering about story boards and desperately trying to land over-the-top criticisms of millennials.

Just because we all go to drum circles, Mahk was right about that one, doesn't mean that our beach parties are impromptu. It takes at least 30 minutes of planning to get everyone together.

In a shockingly accurate display of what trying too hard feels like, Chevy's ad exec blurts out the thesis for the ad like he was receiving a message from on high. Next thing you know some barn doors are opening, because Chevy is apparently housing entirely in an underground hanger, and a bland car is revealed. Hooray.

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