An automaker issued a recall for doors that can fall open at any time


It's imagination time. You're driving down the highway, windows down and cool breeze ruffling your totally-not-receding hairline; cows are grazing next to the road. It could be a scene from a painting or maybe a bad sit-com opening. Suddenly your doors are open! They are flapping back and forth like a bird frantically seeking flight, meanwhile you've ruined your leather seat and your hugging the side of the highway for dear life.

Now that you have that image in mind, BMW has issued a recall for over 45,000 7-series sedans because the doors don't work. Doors, as all you petrol heads know already, are typically important on a car. It's disappointing when they adopt free will and swing open at their own volition.

This isn't the first time BMW has struggled with the concept of semi-permanent walls. Back in 2012, they had the same problem, but apparently the solution eluded them then, so here is everyone yet again, glancing nervously at the ground rushing past their left leg.


H/T: Zac Palmer

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