A Canadian man loses his multi-million dollar car collection in a fire, has the most amazing reaction



A Canadian man with an antique car, truck and tractor collection valued at more than $3 million has seen it all go up in smoke - and he's not going be able to recoup one penny of his loses.

That's because Bert Curtiss told CTV News that he didn't have insurance on his 27,000 square foot dairy barn when it caught fire last week, or its contents that burned inside.

"Some of these cars I've had for 40 years," he told the station. "(I've spent) hundreds of thousands of hours working on them."


Curtiss didn't have an exact count of the lost contents, but estimates there were more than 40 classic cars. 40 antique tractors, two bailers, a back hoe, a skid steer and a number of OHVs when the barn.

Authorities told the TV station that the fire's cause is under investigation, but it may have started a nearby garage.

Curtiss had the most amazing reaction to his very bad luck.

"It is what is. I guess I've lost 45 years of work."


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