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Dropping a 500-Pound, 10-Foot-Long Knife on Top of a Car Is as Epic as It Sounds

If you know anything about the guys over at the Megabots YouTube channel, you know that they don't do anything half-assed. If you're not at all familiar with their work, then just check out their above experiment from back in June 2017, and you'll see that they're very much about taking things to the extreme.

Since the renowned robot enthusiasts happened to have a used Toyota sitting around and it was in pretty rough shape, they wanted to see what else they could do to finish off the car before sending it off to the junkyard. Because just getting rid of it the old fashioned way would have been lame and boring. As you probably know, lame and boring doesn't make for a great YouTube video.

In comes a 10-foot-long, 500-pound knife. NOW we're cooking with gas.

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Naturally, the Megabots crew wanted to see what would happen when they, with the help of a crane, hoisted the behemoth of a knife 40 feet into the air and dropped it right on top of the Toyota.

What they ended up getting was an impressive stabbing right through the roof of the car. Game over! Now, seeing this mega knife drop from 40 feet was cool and all, but they probably should've given it a go from 100 feet. Maybe we're expecting too much, but that would've been on a whole other level of epic.

In a more recent video, about a year and a half after the original giant knife video, Megabots Inc. flipped the experiment on its head a little bit by dropping a car onto the knife. Because when you have a 10-foot-long, 500-pound knife at your disposal, you should probably get the most use of it as possible.

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