How to jump start a car
YouTube: Dad, how do I?

Gearhead Dad Shows How to Jump Start a Car


When Rob Kenney started his "Dad, how do I?" how-to YouTube channel back in April, he probably never imagined he would eventually rack up 2.3 million subscribers and over 8 million total views. Kenney, a father of two adult children from Kent, Washington, got the idea for the "Dadvice" channel from his daughter, and says that the 101-style videos offer practical advice that he never got when he was growing up.

His first video was "How to tie a tie," but now, he's started moving into the gearhead realm with such videos as "How to jump start a car."

The above video starts out strong with an incredible dad joke, and then Kenney jumps right into how to go about jump starting a car.


In the video's description, Kenney elaborates further on some of his processes.

I had my wife help me with the camera this time since there were quite a few steps. :0)
Red Dead, Red Good, Black Good, Black Ground (dead).

The blue tool I show in the video is called a "battery terminal cleaner", and you can find them at any auto parts store, although they may look a little different than mine.
You could also use a wire brush, but this is specifically meant for batteries.

I mention that a battery will last 6 to 12 years, and have had a few comments on that.

I have had batteries last 12 years, but there are lots of different factors for how long your battery will last. On average I would say it is probably closer to 6 years in my experience. (Climate is a huge factor, so you may only get 3 years in certain environments).

He even provided an Amazon link to a set of quality jumper cables. What a guy! Keep the videos coming, Rob!

This post was originally published on June 18, 2020.


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