how v8 engines work
YouTube: Engineering Explained

How V8 Engines Work


Ever wonder how V8 engines work? Well, you've come to the right place.

In this video from YouTube tech channel Engineering Explained, they cover how V8 engines work using a 3D-printed Chevy LS V8 engine.

This is definitely one of the most informative, in-depth powertrain tutorials you'll ever see.


The video beautifully describes how V8 cylinder pistons pull in air and fuel before compressing it, igniting an air-fuel mixture before releasing exhaust gases. This process is smooth, with a sequential firing order of cylinders such that two cylinders are activated at all times with each power stroke.

The latter part of the video also discusses mid valves and exhaust valves and how camshafts operate. Gotta love that gearhead life!

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