Why Tesla's ludicrous acceleration is misleading


How on earth does an all electric sedan, weighing nearly 5,000 pounds, accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 2.28 seconds?

The answer -- it doesn't. Not that there's a massive difference. The Tesla can go 0-60 in 2.53 seconds. The difference in reported numbers is from what is called roll out.

Earlier this year, there was much excitement over Tesla's massive car being able to go that fast in that short of a period of time. Where some people jumped the gun was not including the roll out time. The roll out time is about a one foot delay in timing due to the clock only starting once the tire has cleared the laser.

Engineering Explained clears up any inconsistencies from his last video about the acceleration of the 680 hp Tesla. One was due to his leaving out the roll out time, another was using braking distances of the wrong version of the car.


Regardless of any inconsistencies, the Tesla Model S still claims an impressive feat: it can accelerate nearly as fast as it can stop.

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