why subaru engines fail
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Auto Repair Pro Shows Common Failure Points in Subaru Engines



So, there's no doubt that Subarus are unique and fun to drive. Disagree? Well, go take a drive in a Subaru WRX STI, and tell me it doesn't bring a smile to your face. However, when you own one of these vehicles, you just have to accept one thing: That engine is going to break at some point.

That's right, that boxer engine sounds and performs great, but it's certainly not uncommon to run into issues with them, even with lower mileages. There's good news though, because professional mechanic and YouTuber speedkar99 explains the common failure points for these engines in the above video, so you can look out for and prevent certain problems. And, on the chance that your Subaru's engine has already failed, he'll show you how to disassemble all the components and fix them.

To summarize the video just a bit, one of the more common issues he mentions is a suffering a blown head gasket. As he takes his boxer engine apart, he points out the head studs, and claims that they should be re-torqued occasionally to avoid any trouble with the head. Although the head gasket itself gets the blame for failure most of the time, that's not always the case. He also talks about the issues regarding oil starvation, as well as the tendency for this engine to burn oil as the rings on the piston wear out.


While the flat design of the boxer engine does have a variety of benefits, including less vibration and a more balanced feel, it also comes with a handful of drawbacks that can cause issues like the ones talked about above. Videos like these are perfect for those that want to increase their knowledge on Subaru vehicles, so they can know exactly what they need to be looking out for.

If you service these engines and treat them right, they can last much longer than their average projected lifespan. So, listen carefully to what he talks about, and make your own decision if one of these cars is the right choice for you!

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