West Coast Customs has some weird plans for this Model A build


It's time to pull the live cam away from some bird's nest and stick it in the West Coast Customs shop, at least until they finish their latest project. Then we can put the camera back, because watching birds is enjoyable and relaxing. Those streams are amazing.

West Coast Customs is known for doing crazy builds, they're just as likely to set up your lift kit as they are to install seven flatscreens on the spare tire in your trunk. It shouldn't surprise anyone to know that their latest shenanigans, according to Jalopnik, involve modding a Model T to look like a Mitsubishi Model A, then somehow slapping it all onto the frame of an Outlander. Stuff is going to get weird.

There are so many potential obstacles here, so let's just focus on their goals. First, Make the Model T look like the Model A, of which only 22 were ever built. Mount the result on the frame of an Outlander, with the hurdle of a massive size difference between the two vehicles. Finally, top it all off by putting a hybrid motor in it.

That's it! After that it'll be all done. Simple, right?


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