throwing key fob out window while driving
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Video Shows What Happens When You Toss Out Smart Key Fob While Driving


When automakers started incorporating push-to-start features into their vehicles, consumers were amazed. The ignition process was now streamlined to the point of maximum simplicity. Instead of turning a key, consumers could simply press the start button while stepping on the brake, and their car would start. This made driving a lot more of a comfortable experience for those with long keychains and removed the hassle of keeping a messy ring of keys close to your knee and steering wheel.

The world was introduced to smart key fobs. The car they're assigned to recognizes when the fob is inside the car, so you can easily push the "Start Engine" button without having to put an actual key into the ignition. Smart key fobs replaced the traditional physical key with a small device that sends signals to your vehicle. What could go wrong, right?

Check out what happens when you drive without your key fob here:


For one, the freedom of not having an old-fashioned physical key to carry around could make you way too comfortable. You could start the vehicle, then accidentally leave the key behind. This would bring your ride to a halt pretty swiftly. The gentleman in this video was able to get his vehicle to his destination, but once he stopped his car, it would no longer start without the fob.

His particular vehicle alerted him. It alerted him early when he left his key behind while driving. When he tossed it out of his window (insane), the vehicle did not alert him until he was ready to drive it again. This illustrates a scary point: If somehow you were to lose your fob while driving, your vehicle may not even alert you immediately.

This could create a very grim scenario where you lose your fob somewhere between where you left from and your destination. Not as easy as retracing your steps around your home. Key fobs have made life easier in many ways, but losing them could be a real nightmare.

This article was originally published on April 3, 2019. 


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