[Video] This Portable Garage QuickJack Might Even Be Better Than the Mini Lift 2500

An option beyond traditional jacks

Garage lifts are infinitely useful and there's no doubt we all wish we had a full set up in our home garages. However, installing an actual rig can get insanely expensive. Not to mention it is a commitment. Once the rig is set up, it is very hard to move. Plus, you might not have space for one and you might not even own a garage at all!

Now imagine you could safely lift up to 5000 lbs at your garage, your home garage or even at the race track - with one portable jack. What if you could lift that 5000 lbs within 60 seconds of pulling it out!! The Ranger QuickJack is just that device.

The QuickJack has two maximum weight model options, 3500 lbs, and 5000 lbs. With this range, you can work with small sedans up to heavier mini vans. This jack will quickly get any vehicle to a 22 in clearance height. Making it much easier, quicker, and safer to get under the hood than any traditional jack- rivaling the Mini Lift 2500.

Lift your ride with the flick of a switch

Coming almost fully assembled, this jack only takes a few steps to get set up. Once assembled and powered, position your vehicle at its lift points and slide the jack into place. Included safety blocks go into place and drop the safety bar in place once lifted. That's it! No tilting or sore arms from cranking a traditional lift. When finished, lower and easily move it away for storage.

So what's the best solution when you need to work on your own car? Regular jack stands take forever but the Ranger QuickJack is portable and fast!  

Watch to the end of the video for a surprising jeep engine discovery.