Tucker Sno Cat via Tucker Sno Cat Corp website

This bad ass machine will take care of any snow, but it will cost you -- plenty

What do you get the winter adventurer that seems to have everything? How about his own Sno-Cat.

The Tucker-made Sno-Cat appears to be all the rage for the well-to-do. The Medford, Oregon company has been making the bright orange snow terrain vehicles for 75 years, but recently a new market has emerged - the super-rich. Autoblog.com reports demand for the four-tread vehicle among the wealthy has soared as they look for ways to transport themselves and their belongings to their backcountry retreats.

The company, founded in 1942, is one of the last remaining manufacturers of lightweight vehicles designed to travel over deep, soft snow. The company makes 75-100 Sno-Cats a year at a price starting at $125,000 for a basic 4-seater.

The Sno-Cats are also popular with collectors and gearheads who are looking for the vintage models. A fully restored vehicle can sell for as much as $100,000.

Tucker Sno-Cats are powered usually by Chrysler's flat six-cylinder engine or the Dodge Hemi V8. All have four articulating tracks that are independently sprung, powered and pivoted at the drive axle.