Top Gear America is back with all new hosts      


Will Top Gear America succeed where Top Gear USA couldn't?

Top Gear was cancelled on History Channel last year, leaving a hole in the hearts of car enthusiasts (well, some anyway). This is what show co-host Rutledge Wood  said at the time:

But now, another Top Gear is on the horizon and this time it's called, Top Gear America. Not only is it happening, but the show has named its hosts:



The guy on the left is acclaimed actor William Fichtner, whose big and small screen credits run the gamut from the hit movies Armageddon and the Dark Knight, to  Prison Break and Mom. In the middle sits auto journalist Tom Ford, and on the end drag racer  Antron Brown.

While Top Gear USA was easy to hate, by the end of its run it had really improved. Unfortunately so many bailed during the early growing pains, it didn't have enough traction to continue. We'll see how this new version fares. The new series is scheduled to premier later this year.


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