This is why you shouldn't buy cheap tires



Unless you're watching the latest Mustang crash video, there should be only one part of the car touching the pavement.  That would be your meats, your rubber, your shoes.  If your not hip to the lingo, those mean tires.  In this video, Jason Fenske from the YouTube channel Engineering Explained shows us the stopping power that can be gained by a new quality set of tires.

In this test, Jason uses the Racelogic Vbox. This tool is used to measure performance data like stopping distance & time, 0-60 mph, lap times and much more.  He tests his old Fuzion HRI/VRI tires first and recorded a best 60-0 stopping distance of 136 feet and 3.41 seconds.  Worse than a new Cadillac Escalade that weighs twice as much as the little Honda S2000.


After somehow fitting the Bridgestone RE-71r tires in the S2000, he had them mounted and aligned and repeated the test. This time, the Honda stopped a whole Large U-haul truck sooner.  He recorded a best of 108 feet from 60 at only 2.6 seconds. Better than a new Alfa Romeo 4C, he claims.  Another interesting note was how the tires performed after multiple tests. Jason performed the test three times for each set of tires.  The Fuzions' stopping distance was progressively worse each time.  The Bridgestone on the other hand benefited from the heat and stopping distance improved after each round.

Jason mentions in the comments that buying the most expensive tire doesn't always equate to the best tire.  It's best to compare tires on sites like Tire Rack or major auto magazines.

Although its always tempting to choose those funny sounding no-name tires, sometimes a little more cash in the right area makes a world of difference. Save your money elsewhere like not buying that supercharger or new exhaust system.  Haha, just kidding. Buy all that stuff, too.

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