This four-cylinder engine has the potential to blow away anything in its class


Christian von Koenigsegg has big plans that would take a little engine and make it a roaring power.

Von Koenigsegg, the founder of the high-performance company Koenigsegg Automotive AB, is working on a 1.6 liter-four cylinder engine that would produce 400 horsepower - which would be more powerful than the GLA 45, the most powerful engine in its class.

This is what he told

"By reducing the bore and elongating the stroke of the piston, we are able to lessen the heat losses from the engine," said Koenigsegg. "We've also used forged pistons, forged connecting rods, and higher quality valves that make engine as efficient as possible. These are more expensive parts, but will not be so much so in mass production."


He doesn't have a production date yet, but still, the news is exciting, indeed.

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