600-hp midget truck
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This 600-HP Midget Truck Is Proof That Some Good Things Come in Small Packages


There are amazing feats of engineering -- and then, there's this. It can be easy to get down on someone who has spent their time, money, and energy doing something that might not necessarily be required for the development or advancement of mankind.

But then someone ingeniously took a midget truck and added a 600-horsepower engine to it. It's a smoke-blowing, growling mini beast. Is it necessary? No. Does it have a practical function in modern society? Nothing comes to mind. Would it be unbelievably cool to have one of these that you could drive around all the time? Absolutely.

Imagine all the cool adventures you could have with a 600-horsepower midget truck. You'd pull up at work, and half of your coworkers would be green with envy, while the other half are headed to Human Resources to make sure you're doing alright emotionally. Or how about dropping the kids off at school? Sure, it doesn't have a backseat, but this daydream isn't about logic, OK? Just imagine how jealous all of the other carpool parents would be.

And, if you showed up for a first date in this thing, and your date was super excited about it, you know that relationship is going to stand the test of time. Bonding over a 600-hp midget truck has that effect on couples.

In the meantime, this daydream will have to stay a daydream. There are no plans that we've heard of for a 600-hp production midget truck. Yet. So, enjoy watching this driver do some seriously twisted burnouts while tearing up this parking lot. Well, until he blows something. But, then he takes off the cover, and you get to see all the cool stuff inside. And maybe, just maybe, that'll be enough to help us all figure out how to make our own mini-monster zoom machines.

Again, it's a daydream.

This post was originally published on April 1, 2017.

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