If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a Hellcat powered Jeep Trackhawk, you only have two options. First, you can break into FCA headquarters and hold an executive hostage until they give you the keys to the concept. Or, you can just build your own. If you value your freedom and prefer speeding tickets to felonies, we suggest option number two.

These guys went that route and couldn’t be happier.

Just a few Dyno pulls by @hemitunerperformance of the True Street Performance built "HELLHAWK". Haters have been laughing 😂saying the previous HELLHAWK🦅 video was photoshopped and there's no way an AWD Hellcat powered Jeep exists ….. . ….Well i guess it's time to make the horse cry….🐎😢. —————————————– . No rides for them! See it in person at Maple Grove Raceway this weekend! Go to for details !!! If you don't,,, well then maybe YOU don't exist 🤔 . #hellhawk #trackhawk #hellcat #jeep #grandcherokee #mopar #hemi #supercharged #racing #cars #srt #srt8 #boosted #custom #modified #jeeps #wk1 #wk2 #imovie #americanmuscle #v8 #awd #hemitunerperformance #truestreetperformance

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Dubbed the “HellHawk,” this beastly creation makes all the sounds you would expect from a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a supercharger and 707 horses. Then, to prove whatever “haters” were laughing at their beautiful creation wrong, they took it to the drag strip to prove that they beat Jeep to the punch by a year.

So there you have it, if you want a 10 second suv, go make your own! Or, just wait until the Trackhawk is released.

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These guys beat Dodge at their own game with this insane Jeep Grand Cherokee TrueStreetJim / Instagram
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