There's something different about this this Ford Mustang Cobra


Watching your favorite weekend car show, like Horsepower TV, is always inspiring. They make everything seem so easy, especially when they complete a frame off restoration in one 30 minute episode. After watching, it's hard not to go out to the garage and start wrenching on a project you've been putting off, or come up with a totally new wacky idea all together. Sometimes that enthusiasm can get us in trouble as things are never as easy as they seem on TV.

Well, this video takes that concept to the extreme. David Richmond decided it was a good idea to do a Mustang to Integra swap, or was it the other way around?  In this case, he basically cuts up a 97 Cobra and a JDM right-hand drive Integra and places the Integra body on the Mustang chassis to make a rear-wheel drive V-8 Integra.
It's a quick video that makes this whole thing look down right easy. Little Sawzall here, cut-off wheel there, some welding and bam! You have a Integbra... Cobregra? According to the video's description, the car is getting a roll cage and an LS1 engine swap in the future. Talk about a Frankenstein car.
Check it out, but be sure to take a chill pill and think hard about your next move. The wife's minivan would be a lot cooler with your Camaro engine and chassis under it, but she might not see it that way and divorces are expensive.