The VW Beetle can reach nearly three times its original top speed


The original VW Beetle had 25 horsepower.  It slowly went up from there, but until very recently it was never a number really worth mentioning.  To prove that point when the retro beetle was released in 1998 one of their adds read:" 0-60?.....YES"

Karolis Step/Instagram

Needless to say, the Beetle has needed an engine swap for a long time.  What better to swap in than a stout LT1 small block?  In the video posted by NOSLEEPATALL, we see a little baby beetle pull into a parking lot with a monstrosity sticking out the back.
According to the link in the description, the beetle now has an LT1 paired with a Porshe 930 Transaxle.  Not sure what track this person is referring too but supposedly the beetle can also reach 170 mph at the "track."  Whatever the case, that's pretty impressive considering the original was designed for a max speed of 62mph.  Good thing they put in a roll cage.