The proper way to fix a Porsche is to give it some American soul


It's not totally clear if this is a nod to the greatness of the LS engine or just another example of how horrible the 3.4 liter 911 engine is. In any case, Tyler Hoovie from Hoovies Garage has finally decided on a new engine after massacring the one in his Porsche 911 on the race track a couple videos ago.

He explains that fixing the weak Porsche engine would cost about $10,000 and then he would still be stuck with an unnecessarily heavy six cylinder.  In comes a 2007 Corvette LS2 with just 50,000 miles and 400 horsepower. At first glance, this looks like a pretty crazy project as the two engines share absolutely nothing in common other than the type of fuel they burn. Hoovie fills us in on a little secret in the Porsche community. A company called Renegade Hybrids has already done the swap and they sell a complete kit for anyone to do themselves. The kit comes with slimmer accessories, brackets, mounts and even instructions on how to connect the LS engine sensors to the factory cluster in the 911.

Hoovie's trusty mechanic also shows us the oil filter in the old engine. Its basically a metal slushy and somehow he was still able to sell the engine for $1,500.  Wonder what the game plan is for that old thing is?


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