The dyno couldn't even handle the torque of this custom creation


What do you get when you cross a Lotus Evora body with a Tesla Model S drive unit and the battery from a Chevy Volt? A whole mess of torque. 4,057 lb.-ft. to be exact.

Sasha Anis, OnPointDyno founder, brought these pieces together for his "Blue Lightning" project, which he's been tinkering with for the last year, and he's finally gotten around to showcasing its power on a dyno.

Now before you ask, yes, Anis thought ahead and got in front of all the tricky business with electric cars and dynos. To get a reliable reading, he hooked the machine directly to the rear axle. Problem solved. The extra work was worth it, because the pieced together Lotus/Tesla/Chevy abnormality registered 440hp and maxed out the dyno when it soared past its 4,000 lb.-ft. limit.


All this extra power only cost Anis an additional 200 lbs. to the original weight of the Evora. Whenever this car hits the street, it's a safe bet to assume that it'll be a bit faster too.

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