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The Car Cane Is a Classic "As Seen on TV" Product


This Emson Car Cane commercial hilariously looks like the typical 2000s TV advertisement. It's got the dramatic use of product, the overly enthusiastic narrator, the typical "buy now and we'll include" at the end of it, and, of course, the staple $19.95 price tag. Do you remember this one?

Although the product commercial might make you chuckle a bit at the nostalgia, it actually seems to be a pretty useful tool to have. It basically functions as a portable handle that sticks into the car's door latch, giving you a grab bar for extra leverage for getting in and out of your vehicle. Obviously, it's more focused on being a mobility aid for older people, or those that experience hip pain, knee pain, or back pain trying to squeeze into a car, but it offers even more and proves to be a great safety tool to keep inside the door pocket or glove box.

Not only does this car handle have a non-slip grip handle and a forged aluminum construction, it also functions as a multi-tool with a built-in seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and even a handy light with bright LEDs. The deluxe version offers a slightly longer handle. They even had a special offer to throw in a swivel car seat cushion!


There's plenty of multi-tool related products out there, but none quite like this one. Whether you're trying to stay stable on the icy days, or climbing into a tall SUV or truck, this thing will help you get a "handle" on it (get it?)

I kind of laugh every time I think of the commercial, but according to the customer reviews of the "As Seen On TV" product, its customers have been loving this handy grip support handle. They claim it can help bring your freedom back, and I can't find many reviews that oppose these statements. It's pretty versatile and can work on just about any old or new car.

If you're looking to add this to your wishlist for checkout, you should take a look at the product information and product details in the below Amazon link. If you don't like it, don't worry, because they've got a return policy, as well.

The Original Emson Car Cane


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