14 years ago, in 2003, 25-year-old Lt. Jonathan David Rozier was killed in Bagdad. He left behind his wife, Jessica and a nine month old son, Justin. Justin grew up, as kids do, and started dreaming of his first car. He didn’t have any specific car in mind, but he thought it would be cool to have a car his dad used to own. According to CBS Evening News, that’s when his mother set out to find the car she sold shortly after Jonathan’s death.

Against all odds, her Facebook post reached Kyle Fox who found the car and also decided to help this young man’s dream come true.

The car, a 1999 Toyota Celica convertible, was bought and restored without Justin’s knowledge and presented to him for his 15th birthday. When he saw the car, he was left literally speechless.

As are we.

H/T Jalopnik

A fallen soldier’s memory lives on through the greatest present a new driver could ask for CBS Evening News / Youtube
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