One Ford dealer has your back if you want demonic speed for less

Lebanon Ford is at it again. This time they are turning a new Mustang GT into a quarter mile beast as they claim their LPF 10 Mustang can run a mid 10 second quarter mile all day long.

That's right, the same dealer that brought you the 727 horsepower S550 body Mustang GT for only $39,995 is now offering a drag racing focused 'Stang that may just keep some Demons up at night.

What they've done here is pretty cool as, once again, you can buy this car brand new with all the modifications performed before you even pick the car up. What sets this car apart from their previous modified cars, is that this one is meant to go in a straight line like a discount Dodge Demon. Sure, it doesn't run a 9.65 like the Demon, but their mid 10 second claim is on normal 93 octane pump gas which leaves a lot of room for improvement from this pony.

The "LPF 10" will come with a Roush stage 2 supercharger and upgraded fuel system that's good for 700 crank horsepower. With all that power and the stated goal for this car to run 10's reliably, a ton of time was spent on supporting mods to ensure a long life of track abuse.

The LPF 10 comes with an upgraded engine oil pump, timing set and crank bolt as that's an area prone to failure when you start turning up the wick on a 5.0 Coyote engine. Cooling this beast and making for consistent times is a triple pass heat exchanger for the supercharger system. Viking shocks and drag springs paired with super sticky, drag only Mickey Thompson tires make for a snappy launch that rivals any AWD super car. To make sure you make it off the line without breaking anything, they have taken care of the driveshaft situation by giving you a one piece unit and upgraded the half shafts.

Unlike the Demon, to the delight of many who actually want to use their drag car for actual drag racing, the LPF will come with an NHRA legal 6 point roll cage and driveshaft loop. Dodge could learn a thing or two here.

Your new Mustang will be missing something the Dodge Demon retains, however: A warranty. This car will not come with a Ford powertrain warranty or a plan from Lebanon after the supercharger system goes on. The team that built the car assures you that the car will hold up to the power as long as you perform normal maintenance. That's at least more than you get when you build a race car yourself.

The $60,000 price tag does include a new Mustang GT and to order, you just fill out the form online or call Lebanon. Customers can finance this car and  even get it shipped, making it truly feel like a normal new car purchase. Here's to hoping someone puts E85 in the tank, turns up boost and goes Demon hunting.

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