Dodge doesn't want you to drive your Demon if it gets too cold


The new Dodge Demon isn't meant to be a year-round daily driver in Snoqualmie, or really anywhere above the Mason-Dixon Line. That's because the drag monster has "tires." The quotes are meant to show how narrowly the hoops of rubber mounted to the Demon qualify as tires.

The danger of driving with the 315-width Nitto NTo5R drag radials in the winter is so great, your new Dodge will come with a legally-binding agreement requiring your signature for delivery of the car. Jalopnik got their hands on that document, and one particular line points out,

"Customer shall not move the Vehicle in temperatures below 15° F with the Drag Tires. In temperatures below 15° F, the Drag Tires can lose flexibility and that may lead to cracking and other tire damage."

This is an appropriate time to mention that Dodge is based in Chicago. You've probably heard of it; it snows there sometimes. Don't drive your Demon there when it does.

Fortunately, you can just change the tires to some that are remotely practical. Save those drag tires for some beautiful track days!


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