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This Barn Find Is a Treasure Trove of Vintage Awesomeness


Back in November 2011, Dale Walksler, the owner of Wheels Through Time, traveled to Chicago to go through the ultimate barn find. It was a collection amassed over 50 years by the late Lee Roy Hartung (who also happened to be a friend of Dale's), and as you can probably imagine, it had EVERYTHING. We're talking classic cars, vintage motorcycles and bicycle, and a boatload of incredible memorabilia, like one of the world's largest license plate collections. In other words, it's every gearhead's and vintage vehicle enthusiast's dream.

Below, you can check out a brief breakdown, with accompanying video, of Dale's time in Chicago. It's pretty incredible stuff.

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Per My Life at Speed:



First day looking through Lee Hartung's collection and Dale pulls out a few motorcycles and gets them running!

Day 3; Dale finds a few prize motorcycles near the back of the museum and even gets a few of them running!

Day 4 and Dale continues to sift through Lee's amazing collection of motorcycles; even starting up the 99 year old belt drive Harley Davidson for the first time in 50 years!

Day 5 has Dale finding bikes hidden throughout the collection including a disassembled Wagoner!

Day 6 and it's time to get down the rarest and most coveted motorcycles of Lee's collection!


Man, can you imagine getting to sift through all this stuff? Too cool!

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