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Snow and Ice Are No Match for This Monster of a School Bus


Remember back when you were going to school as a kid, and you found out that there was any sort of winter weather in the forecast? It didn't really matter if there was only supposed to be a inch of snow or if blizzard-level conditions were on the horizon. As long as the meteorologist on your local news channel even said the word "snow," you and your friends were geared up for that magical event that meant you got to stay home from school and either hunker down inside or enjoy a day of wintry awesomeness outside. Yup, we're talking about the snow day.

Now, one of the motivating factors behind a snow day is if a school's buses are prohibited from following their usual routes due to particularly extreme weather -- be it snow, ice, sleet, or just cold temperatures. To make it safely to their destinations, most buses require a decent amount of assistance from the city's snow removal services if there's anything heavier than a light dusting. Otherwise, you've got a snow day on your hands.

Take on look at the absolute beast in the below video, though, and you'll see that only snowpocalypse-level conditions could slow this baby down.


Back in 2010, a lucky snowmobiler in Silver Lake, Michigan spotted the above monstrosity of a vehicle that looked like it was on its way to a Monster Jam tryout instead of working the typical school route.

Using a classic yellow school bus and a set of monster tires, one inventive off-roader created the ultimate snow machine. While we highly doubt this monster bus is street legal, we're sure it offers some great adventures on those cold winter mornings!

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This post was originally published on December 17, 2019.


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