Destroying a car's suspension never looked as good as it does in 4k slo-mo

Warning! The latest Episode of Warped Perception's "See Through Car," contains graphic content not suitable for people who can't stand watching a car get destroyed. For the rest of us, it's freaking awesome.

In Episode 2, Matt takes his crazy experiment about 10 steps further by not only cutting off more of the car's body panels, but also installing multiple high speed cameras for our visual enjoyment. The cameras come from a company called Vision Research, and they look like they cost more than this Mercedes-Benz E320 did, even when it was new.

The goal in this episode is to get a very unique vantage point of a car's suspension while hitting potholes. Matt, once again, finds potholes so big they look like they were created via a devastating meteor shower. After installing all the gear, he goes for a few runs and we see exactly how the suspension reacts to potholes that no one has any business hitting. The footage is unreal and you swear the car is about to break into a million pieces. Somehow it survives, but he did manage to blow up 2 tires in spectacular fashion.

After the tires blow, Matt just drives the thing over to the local tire shop like it's no big deal. A couple tires later and the car is ready for episode 3. Only the car Gods know what happens next, but definitely stay tuned as there is no way this thing can stay together much longer.... Or can it?

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