Find out how far you can go when the tank is on empty


Warning, don't try this at home. Not because it's dangerous or anything, but because it's going to ruin your entire day and this guy already did it for you.

Running out of gas is something we all hope to never do. With a working fuel gauge it's still amazing how this happens. When it gets low you just put gas in it, right? In this video posted by Car Throttle we see how far a Honda Accord can go after it reads empty. The goal is 50 miles but the driver ends up getting a lot more than he paid for.

This is basically a slightly more scientific approach to that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer takes a car salesman hostage on a mission to never run out of gas in a Saab. Like in Seinfeld, Honda almost makes it fool proof to run out of gas as he nearly hits 100 miles after it says, "empty."


Enjoy, but realize your 8 mpg 6.0 V8 extended cab pickup loaded with plywood is not going to make it anywhere near this far, you've been warned.

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