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Forcing Nitrous Through a Turbo Keychain Makes for One Epically Explosive Experiment

It's difficult to say the words "don't try this at home." If it weren't for "dumb stunts" and at-home experimentation and following through with those "what if" thoughts that sometimes cross our minds, science would be a giant mystery to everyone. Our ancestors learned to survive the hard way, after all. Don't touch that, don't eat that, and that thing over there with the claws will definitely eat you. We learn and grow through experimentation.

However, sometimes, if we apply the lessons we've already learned to one of those "what if" thoughts, we can kind of deduce what's going to happen. Or, call upon a professional risk taker with video equipment and a YouTube channel to do the weird stuff for you.

The mind of Cleetus McFarland is an interesting place. In this episode, he uses science to determine what one should and should not do with a $6 turbo keychain. Allegedly, someone on the internet put 145 psi into it, and it blew up. Cleetus's compressor goes to 150 psi, so the time came to find out what the real rating is on this keychain.

Just giving the tiny turbo a toot like a playground whistle, Cleetus confirms that it's not built for a lot of pressure. In fact, you can't even feed the compressor into it correctly. This may be because it's a keychain, which is not actual attached to a real car. In fact, the actual purpose of keychains is pretty limited, when you think about it.

Nevertheless, he and his boys force feed 900 psi of nitrous into a turbo keychain. You may ask, why? The answer is, why not? The actual attempt to force feed the turbo stats at the 3:30 mark, and the results of this experiment come about four minutes later.

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This post was originally published on April 22, 2017.

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