Here is everything you need to know about under- and oversteer


Understeer and oversteer are two common terms that car enthusiasts throw around regularly. You probably have an idea of what both mean, but sometimes it is a good idea to go back and master the fundamentals.

In the most basic sense, both of these terms describe a situation where the car is turning at a different rate than would be expected from the steering input. When understeering, a car will "Push" wide and go straighter than is desired. Oversteer is the opposite, where the car rotates more than would be expected under perfect grip conditions.

Essentially, the key to understanding and controlling both is a mastery of weight transfer. While cars all have different characteristics that make them more prone to under- or oversteer, through throttle inputs, braking and weight transfer, almost any car can be made to react in a more predictable way.


The video also discusses suspension setups to help encourage whichever characteristic the driver is more comfortable with. After re-learning these basics, either through setup or driving technique, a more predictable and fun drive is right around the corner.

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