Hellcat Swap Everything! Mopar now sells a complete 707 HP Hellcat Crate engine.


Move over LS swaps, theres a new chief in town. Mopar just released a complete 707 Hellcat crate engine cleverly named the "Hellcrate."

The Hellcrate is the exact engine you would find in a Hellcat Charger or Challenger and will run you $19,530. This is a complete drop in engine, but will require a fuel management system to start and run. For an additional $2,195, Mopar will sell you their "Engine Kit." This includes the Powertrain Control Module, Wiring Harness, power distribution center, throttle-by-wire accelerator pedal, a fuel pump and all needed sensors. The PCM is left unlocked, so tune to your hearts content.

The Hellcrate comes with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty, and Mopar recommends using a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual transmission. However you fit this in your project its sure to please. The aftermarket has really stepped up on these engines and to see 900 horsepower with full bolt ons is not all that uncommon.

Let the "Hellcat swap everything" memes begin.