girl does burnouts in barbie corvette
YouTube: Brian Lifrieri

Girl Does Donuts in a Barbie Corvette With Some Help From Dad


This is the kind of parent that all other parents should strive to be like. Who wouldn't want a daughter that loves to do some donuts in her little toy car at the track? If you're going to drag them out to the track in the first place, it's always good to see them actually enjoy their time out there. That's enough to make you a proud parent.

The girl takes advantage of the break in racing to show the crowd what that Barbie Corvette was capable of. With all eyes and cameras on her, she pulls into the water box and puts the pedal down. Whipping the car sideways, the rear wheels break loose, and she pulls off some epic donuts. I was pretty surprised at just how well she maintained the slide. There's not a doubt in my mind that this kid is a natural behind the wheel.

Once she completes a couple spins, she casually rolls out of the water box without a care in the world. That's one cool kid right there, and I'm willing to put money on the chance that she grows up to develop quite the passion for cars in the future. Driving around in a Corvette at that age -- even though it's just a toy car -- is definitely a good start.


Just because I like to be realistic, I will point out the fact that her dad can be seen at the end of the video, and he's got what looks to be a controller in his hands. However, even though she's likely not really controlling the car in that moment, it's still impressive for a kid that young to just sit back, and enjoy the ride. Either way, this is an awesome way to get some bonding time with your daughter so I give my respect to this dad.

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