Gas Cost Calculator

This Gas Cost Calculator Shows How Much More You'll Pay This Year


If you've ever planned a road trip before, chances are you've weighed the cost of driving versus flying. It's not always as cut and dry as ticket prices, but sometimes the cost of gas can influence just how far you're willing to drive. Let's face it: gas is still a major expense and has continued to rise well into the summer. If you've started to grimace as you pass gas stations and check out the fuel cost, then you need to use this gas cost calculator.

On the heels of the Energy Information Administration's new "Short-Term Energy Outlook", released on June 12, many Americans began to wonder if that road trip to San Antonio or Philadelphia was even worth it. The report estimates that gas will cost about $2.79 per gallon in in 2018, an increase of 37 cents from last year's average fuel price.

Time created a gas cost calculator that predicts just how much you'll pay for gas this year compared to last year depending on your vehicle and your average miles per gallon. The Energy Information Administration estimates that the average America will drive 13,476 miles so the fuel cost calculator also takes that into account. To test it out, I added in my 2002 Mitsubishi Galant (get it, Gloria!) and it's hard to look at, especially considering I do an equal amount of country and city driving.

Gas Cost Calculator 2018


Time also broke out the biggest gas mileage change in 2017's 10 most popular vehicles and here's the gas price change you can expect to see, per the gas calculator.

1. Ford F-series: $319 annual increase

2. Chevrolet Silverado: $369 annual increase

3. Ram Pickup: $412 annual increase

4. Toyota Rav4: $270 annual increase

5. Nissan Rogue: $242 annual increase

6. Toyota Camry: $206 annual increase

7. Honda CR-V: $250 annual increase

8. Honda Civic: $206 annual increase

9. Toyota Corolla: $219 annual increase

10. Honda Accord: $212 annual increase

Do you own one of these vehicles and find yourself surprised at the gas pump when it's time to pay? Of course, oil prices fluctuate to meet demand, but it seems that times like these were made for cars designed for fuel efficiency.

If you're considering a road trip this year, be it summer or winter, you might want to pull out that trip calculator and actually determine if it's worth driving or flying the trip distance based on the fuel economy. To use the gasoline prices calculator, head on over to Time