Every 2018 Mustang will come standard with this bad ass feature


Braking systems have come a long way. We started with drum brakes, moved on to disc, added abs with traction control coming soon after and the rest is history. We've done a great job at figuring out ways to keep the tires from spinning and after all that we deserve, well... a break.

That's were the new Ford Mustangs come in. The 2018 Mustang is almost upon us and, along with a laundry list of welcomed new features and upgrades, Ford has now added a line lock as standard equipment on every variant of Mustang.

Even the EcoBoost Mustang will come with Ford's electronically-controlled burnout feature that's activated by pressing the pony button on the steering wheel and following a simple set of instructions. The car will allow you to shred those threads for up to 15 seconds before it shuts off.

The feature is technically supposed to be used to assist in heating the tires for increased traction at the track, but we all know what's really going on here.  After watching this video, we're headed out to buy some stock in tires, it's a sure bet with these cars right around the corner.

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