Don't try to turbocharge your car before watching this

Turbocharging a car that didn't come with a form of forced induction from the factory can be one tall order.  After all, the car was designed by engineers who only tested its components to be able to withstand factory power levels and definitely not a huge hair dryer blowing a bunch of air into the intake.
Luckily, where there's a will there's a way. Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained has teamed up with the Humble Mechanic to show us that way.
They go over 5 ways to prepare your car for turbocharging.  This isn't a video on how to turbocharge your car, but rather addresses parts of your car and engine that will be most affected by adding boost.
They start off with the obvious, and that's needing not only a turbocharger, but the proper sized unit. This will all depend on goals for the car, engine size and room under the hood.  In the video, they also cover fueling requirements, extra cooling needed, tuning, compression ratio and drive train upgrades needed.
Watch and learn young grass hopper.