boeing 777 night landing
YouTube: ViralHog

Incredible 4K Footage Shows Boeing 777 Night Landing


If you love watching flight videos, then I have a treat for you. This stunning footage shows a Boeing 777 landing in Los Angeles in crystal-clear 4K high-definition video. The video shows the entire landing process, including all the radio communications, as well. As the pilot flies toward the runway, you get a beautiful look at the colorful lights of the city.

It only gets better the closer he gets to the airport. If you've never thought about visiting LA, this video may change your mind. The Boeing 777 is the world's largest twin-jet aircraft, so it's certainly not an easy task to fly, but this professional pilot makes things look easy. As he brings it down, he smoothly glides over the runway and touches down perfectly. You can barely even notice the bump as the wheels finally make contact and touch the ground.

You get to follow along even after the plane lands, all the way until they reach their terminal for parking. Listening to the whole process on the radio is nearly as entertaining as watching the actual landing. This is the kind of video that inspires people to become a pilot in the first place. There's just something so cool about seeing these kinds of sights and being in complete control of a massive machine like this.


We need more pilots that film their flights, especially when it's done in 4K video. I mean, it really doesn't get much better than this. Lots of respect goes out to these pilots that help us all arrive safely to our destinations all over the world. I feel as though commercial pilots do not get as much credit as they deserve. Not everyone can do this job, but who knows where we'd be if we didn't have those with a passion for aviation?

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