Like Optimus Prime on steroids, this big rig is completely insane! I’ve seen some pretty massive semi trucks before, but this thing is on another level. It’s a straight-up supertruck.

With 24 cylinders and 12 superchargers, this ride is, without a doubt, the definition of overkill. Mike Harrah of Caribou Industries Inc. was on a mission to make his truck as big and loud as possible, and this rig ended up surpassing even Harrah’s own wildest expectations. Well done, sir. Bravo! Bravo! I mean, this thing could eat up an entire highway and still be hungry for more. It’s like a souped-up monstrosity straight out of a Mad Max movie.

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Per The Funny Beaver:

This beast is a V24-71 Detroit Diesel with twelve BDS blowers, 36 butterflies, and 24 cylinders thanks to two V12 Detroit Diesel engines matted together with splined cranks. “Big Mike” dynos at 3,424hp, and I’m guessing at least 5,000 lb/ft of torque. That’s over eight times as much power as your typical semi truck makes. So now this is installed on an Allison transmission inside a custom 359 Peterbilt truck with a giant 40-foot long custom chassis to hold it all together.

Take a look at this ridiculous setup in the crazy video above. You almost can’t tell where the engine ends and the cab begins!

Truck drivers everywhere have to be foaming at the mouth after seeing this absolute beast. This is just pure, unadulterated American badassery. It doesn’t get much more epic than this. Again, we salute Mike Harrah for bringing the world this badass big rig. What a legend.


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