Automaker Agrees To Opposed Piston Engines In New Vehicles


The concept of an opposed piston engine has been around since the late 1880s, and was used heavily by allied aircraft in WWII. Since that time OP engines have been used through a variety of big engine applications like submarines, planes, and freight trains. In 2004 Achates Power formed with the single goal of putting an OP engine in light duty vehicles. Nearly 13 years later, their wish may finally be coming true. Early tests show a turbocharged 4.9L two stroke OP-3 was pumping out 275 hp and 811 lf-ft of torque with a higher efficiency rating than Ford's 6.7L PowerStroke turbo diesel V-8. Since that time, nine different automakers have joined Achates development team with one agreeing to start producing the OP engine in high volume.