Aston Martin CEO's promise makes him an automotive hero


Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has cemented his place as an automotive hero. Sure, being the CEO of a company that makes James Bond's vehicle of choice qualifies someone as a hero, but it's what he told attendees of the Canadian International Auto Show that makes him our hero. The Truth About Cars reports that Palmer guaranteed that Aston Martin will always have at least one model offered with a manual transmission.

This is a shining beacon of hope for fans of clutch pedals. With most sports car companies moving towards abandoning manuals altogether, it appeared that the not so distant future would be devoid of fun, three pedaled cars. In addition to low demand for a car that doesn't shift for you, automatic transmission technology has largely erased the advantages once held by manuals. What can't be beat, though, is the simplicity and fun factor of a stick shift.

Save the Manuals!


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