A custom Camaro on its third life is just about perfect


There's something great about seeing a car that has had two or three iterations in its lifetime. The owner, if they've had it for a while, has had the seat time and hours of labor to tune and guide the car through multiple rebirths, bringing it to something really impressive.

Nicholas Morrow's 1992 Camaro RS is one of those cars. On its second life, Morrow bought the car from a woman's backyard in L.A. for $500. Since then, it has been totaled in a canyon run, which, as it turns out, might actually be the best thing to have happened to it.

The newest version of the Camaro is a full six-inches wider, front and rear, than the original, giving it amazing traction, and the chassis has essentially been rebuilt from scratch. Coupled with a brand-new custom suspension, this is an amazing ride.


The best part of the RS is that it will only get better. Morrow is prepping to drop an LS V8 into the new body, at which point this new Camaro will truly be a force to be reckoned with.

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