This old truck is more than the sum of its parts


Anyone who has driven an old vehicle knows that it's more about your connection to the car or truck than it is about the actual car itself. Older autos just have a distinct personality to them. They've usually lived a full life before you even lay your hands on them, and by the time you have access to them, they're ready to be rebuilt to stock or reborn as something new. The point is, if you come across an old car, be prepared to make it distinctly your own.

Andy Patton did exactly that to his cherry-red, 66-year-old Ford. Patton grew up clutching auto mags and pointing at cars, guessing their names and stories as they drove by. So it makes sense that his first car was an antique.

Patton, of course, took the truck in a whole new direction for its second life, lowering it to the ground and Frankensteining in new body mods. It all turned out amazing and documents a young boy's fascination with cars that transformed into practical skill as a wrench.


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