Whose fault is this police cruiser crash?



No good deed goes unpunished was all too true for an officer of the law who crashed into a pickup truck while responding to an armed shoplifter.

The officer, from the Miramichi Police Department, received a call to respond and, taking into consideration the suspect was armed, decided to go 45 mph over the speed limit through a fairly populated area to arrive as quick as possible. This ended up not being the best choice as an unexpected last minute maneuver by a driver in front of the officer caused the officer to crash into a parked truck.

The officer clearly had good intentions and this is a good case to show you what can happen when citizens don't pull over immediately when they hear and see sirens and lights.  The police officer should not have been going this fast, but in the heat of the moment when lives are at risk, you have to make quick decisions.


The officer is on trial for dangerous driving charges and no one was seriously hurt.

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